6. The MRO Team and the Laboratory 43 Personnel laboratory 44 45 Accessioning Screening 45 Conformation 46 47 Testing validity Procedure and Purpose 47 Interferences 48 Reaccessioning 48 Results Testing DOT of Reporting in Errors 49 Results Testing Non-DOT of Reporting in Errors 49 Programs Specimen (Blind) Control Quality 50 Testing (“Add-on”) Additional 50 Specimens lost 51 Reported Is Result the After 52 7. The MRO Team and the Review of Test Results 53 MRO the and Team MRO The 53 Do Can MRO the Only What DOT: 54 Do Can Members Team MRO What DOT: 54 Do Can Members Team MRO What Non-DOT: 54 54 MRO the Assist to Do Should Team the What Started Getting Results: Test of Review 55 Results of Review for Forms the Collecting 57 Elements Required Matching 58 Results Negative DOT of Release 58 Interview Donor and Contact Donor 59 Callbacks) (Donor Minute!” a Wait ”Whoa! 60 Testing Additional for Follow-up 61 62 Specimens Invalid for Follow-up Corroboration or verification Prescription for Follow-up 62 Consultations for Follow-up 64 Reconfirmations and Specimens Split 64 Records for Follow-up 65 Contents vii
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