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Author: Gregory L. Smith, MD, MPH




Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Medical Cannabis: What Clinicians Need to Know and Why -- Basic Science and Clinical Applications eBook

Author(s): Gregory L. Smith, MD, MPH

Up to now there has been no serious textbook for training clinicians and medical students about the use, efficacy, and monitoring of medical cannabis. Medical Cannabis is the first, single source for concise, up-to-date information about which conditions respond to cannabis, dosing guidance, and the safe use of cannabis by your patients. Find answers to your questions about -- What type of cannabis to use? With what conditions? What is THC versus CBD? What are the side effects? Is it addictive? How is it prescribed?

Medical Cannabis is an indispensable resource for primary care physicians, family practice physicians, internists, pain specialists, oncologists, geriatricians, medical students, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others who are involved with recommending medical cannabis to their patients.

Highly focused and relevant, this book clarifies the history, utility, and efficacy of medical cannabis and the burgeoning new horizons for its use as a legitimate, effective, and safe medication. 

Please note: This ebook is not downloadable.

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