Communication Office External 15 Clients With 15 Agents Service Other With 15 Incoming!!!! 16 16 Results Paperwork 16 17 Calls Phone Calls Phone Paperwork, Results, Outgoing 18 Office MRO the for Control Quality 18 Word Final Records, 19 4. The MRO Team and the Client 21 Relationship The 21 MRO the and Sales 22 Partnership a Implementing 22 23 Responsibilities Client’s The Personnel Employer 24 DER the with Communicating 24 5. The MRO Team and the Collection Process 27 Collectors with Contact Making 28 CCF the of Copies Donor-Signed for Need MRO’s The 29 Collection a of Conduct the About Questions MRO 31 Donors by Made Are Errors Collection of Allegations If 31 Recorded Not or Range of Out As Marked Are Boxes Temperature If All At 32 Bladder Shy Has Donor If 34 35 Illegible Are Copies CCF If Not? or Meaningful Errors: Collector 36 Signatures Donor Missing 37 Requirements Training Error-Correction 38 Office MRO the to Calls Collector Other and Questions Collectors’ 39 Upgrades and Downgrades DOT 39 lost Be Not May or May That Specimens of Tracking 40 Word Final Preliminary A CCFs: Electronic 40 REvIEW OFFICER TEAM MANUAl THE MEDICAl vi
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