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Authors: David G. Baldwin, CIH; Michael E. Williams, CIH; and Scott D. Norman, CIH




Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chemical Safety Handbook for the Semiconductor, Electronics, and Photovoltaic Industries, Fourth Edition

Author(s): David G. Baldwin, CIH; Michael E. Williams, CIH; and Scott D. Norman, CIH

Covering 377 chemicals, including more than 30 new to this edition, this pocket-sized book offers a quick reference point for anyone working with chemicals in the electronics, semiconductor, and photovoltaics industries and reinforces safe behaviors long after the chemical safety class is over. Compact, clear, and concise, THE CHEMICAL SAFETY HANDBOOK provides a simple solution to minimizing risks and protecting employees.

Written for operators, supervisors, ERT members, technicians, engineers, and Haz-Mat team members in the semiconductor, electronics, and photovoltaics industries. Accessible instantly in e-book format for cleanrooms in which paper books are not allowed.

Special features:
-Each chemical lists hazards and precautions on one, easy-to-use page consistent with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
-Contains information on safety procedures and key chemical mixtures and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
-Includes over 30 new chemicals based on input from electronics industry surveys, with expanded and updated references for additional information

Publication Date: October 2014

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